Apple to ink flash memory deal with Hynix Semiconductor

Apple to ink flash memory deal with Hynix Semiconductor


Coupling an increasing demand of iPod nanos, with a failed joint investment plan between Samsung, Apple is now looking for a new supplier of NAND flash memory. Research firm InSpectrum recently released a report saying that Apple will likely ink a deal with Hynix Semiconductor, based out of South Korea, and thus Apple will have its third flash memory supplier.

Apple has primarily worked with Samsung and Toshiba for its flash memory needs, but Toshiba is back-ordered with its work with Sandisk, the world’s largest supplier of flash memory products, and last month, a $3.8 billion deal with Samsung was said to be voided by Apple after both companies pleaded guilty to price fixing charges.

No firm agreement has been made between Hynix and Apple as of yet, and it seems that the iPod maker is still shopping around for prices. Indeed, all that has been confirmed is that Apple has asked Hynix for a price quote for the flash memory found in its nano and shuffle product lines, but with Christmas just around the corner, and the iPod an ever-popular gift, Apple will need to sign a deal soon.

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