MobiX AEVOE is a little dish for your laptop


image_45334_largeimagefile MobiX AEVOE is a little dish for your laptopIf you are trying to find a new way to waste time while you are supposed to be working, then the MobiX AEVOE may be your answer. This little device turns your laptop into a digital TV and DVR. You plug it into your USB port with the built in connector and you are in business. It can access more than 30 channels on the Freeview system. More excitingly, it will record the video as MPEG-2 right to your hard drive. It also does all your favourite TiVo recording tricks.

It looks a bit like a marshmallow that somebody sat on, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. It will be available on November 21 in Britain and it will cost about $170. You have to imagine that an American version can’t be too far behind. I would have gone to way more classes at university if I had had one of these.

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