Motorola pumps money in a mobile fuel cell firm

Motorola pumps money in a mobile fuel cell firm


Responding the growing requirements of mobile fuel cells, leading global mobile handset manufacturer, Motorola, has made an investment in the North American micro fuel cell developing firm Tekion. Fuel cells are considered to be more efficient in powering mobile handsets than the batteries that we use today, and their demand is projected to shoot up significantly in the future.

Warren Holtsberg, a senior official of Motorola Ventures has summed up this investment move in these words, “Our decision to invest in Tekion was motivated by its cutting-edge technology and experienced leadership in micro fuel cell development.” None of the partners are providing elaborative information on the precise terms of the deal except that Motorola will be availing fuel cells from Tekion from 2007 and the initial shipments will be meant for larger devices like satellite phones.

Tekion is well known for their Formira fuel cell. This fuel cell is called the Formira Power Pack, it’s designed for use in mobile phones and is the latest in personal power sources. With the Power Pack you will be able to stay connected for as long as you need, a simple snap, swap the fuel cartridge and you can keep on going.

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