Xbox 360 to support iPods but not iTunes?

image_45534_largeimagefile Xbox 360 to support iPods but not iTunes?The Xbox 360 should be in a living room near you sometime this month, and one of the coolest features that Microsoft has been promoting is the console’s ability to stream music from iPods on its “dashboard” front-end. Choose your own background music during your gaming session. What they might not know is that the platform cannot play songs purchased from Apple’s iTunes online music store…Apple rejected Microsoft’s advances, according to Jeff Henshaw at Microsoft.

The DRM (digital rights management software) software imbedded in the iPod won’t allow it. That said, Microsoft has demonstrated how easy it is to stream music from regular iPods, iPod nanos, and PSPs. If the machine indeed cannot play music from iTunes, Microsoft is in for some angry customers. Time will tell.

Michael Kwan

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