Nikon recalls EN-EL3 rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Nikon recalls EN-EL3 rechargeable Li-ion Battery


image_45531_largeimagefile Nikon recalls EN-EL3 rechargeable Li-ion BatteryIn one of the rarest instances, Nikon of all companies, has issued a voluntary recall of its EN-EL3 rechargeable Li-ion Battery used with many of their Nikon D-SLR Cameras.

The recall was initiated when Nikon detected that on some rare occasions, and we mean rare, some of their EN-EL3 rechargeable Li-ion Batteries were overheating during recharging due to some defect, not related to any design fault of course, but because from a temporary problem during the manufacturing process between May and September 2004 in China.

Nikon provides the EN-EL3 rechargeable Li-ion Battery as a supplied accessory with its Nikon D100, D70 and D50 Digital SLR cameras, and is also sold as a separate accessory for the above named cameras and the Nikon D70s.

As of now five occurrences of defective batteries have been reported to Nikon, out of which two were emanating from Europe. Though no case of any personal injury has been reported due to the use of defective batteries, there is still a chance that a defective battery could cause damage to adjacent material during the recharging process, and further use is not advised.

Users can get more information about the defective batteries and their batch numbers by visiting and following the procedure described at

Users can also call Nikon at the dedicated national number +44 (0)2871 305 500 for further assistance.

Nikon is replacing all qualifying returned EN-EL3 batteries with a new EN-EL3a or EN-EL3e free of charge.

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