Motorola Keeps Riding the RAZR

Motorola Keeps Riding the RAZR


image_45607_largeimagefile Motorola Keeps Riding the RAZRMotorola today officially announced two new colors and two new versions of their popular Motorola RAZR series of handsets.

“We wanted to evolve the Motorola RAZR without compromising the integrity and philosophy of the original design,” said Leslie Dance, Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications. “These four new phones complement the millions of RAZRs already in use, enabling consumers to choose the experience that best fits their personal style and mobile needs.”

Motorola has been very successful with the RAZR, but it seems they are riding out the RAZR fame until they can’t ride it no more. Next thing you know it will be available at Wal Mart.

The new line of RAZRs include the following;

— Motorola RAZR V3i — Adding new functionality to the sleek RAZR form, the RAZR V3i delivers a 1.23 megapixel digital camera, expandable memory and a sophisticated new spun metal look — combining the best of mobile style, imaging, audio and technology in one slim device.

— Motorola RAZR in pink and blue — A new twist on the traditional, the RAZR will soon be available in striking shades of pink and ice blue.
The first choice for a select group of fashion elite and Hollywood “it” girls, these svelte mobiles offer advanced technology and superlative design in attention-grabbing colors.

— Motorola CDMA RAZR with Ev-DO — Revolutionary mobile style is now available on the CDMA network. Whether downloading a musical ringtone or taking a video clip with the 1.3 megapixel camera, this chic handset brings unparalleled mobile sophistication to CDMA users worldwide.

Motorola’s RAZR V3i, RAZR in pink and blue and RAZR for the CDMA network are expected to be available in various regions in Q4 2005. The pink RAZR is already available in many places around Europe.

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