Hey buddy, can you spare a MicroSD card?

Hey buddy, can you spare a MicroSD card?


The shortage of MicroSD memory cards over the last few months, caused by insufficient backend production and a tight supply of NAND Flash, shows no sign of letting up in the near future.

Because the MicroSD cards are so slim, they require a different packaging technique than other NAND flash cards. There are only three companies in Taiwan which can perform the packaging techniques required. The lack of capacity has obviously affected supply.

In addition, there has been a shortage of NAND flash in the last half of this year. Since MicroSD cards take longer to produce and are more complicated to make than other cards, manufacturers of NAND are less likely to allocate their limited supplies to MicroSD makers.

Since the shortage is not likely to ease any time soon, the shipment of MicroSD-supported handsets could potentially be delayed.

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