This pendant is a Bluetooth receiver

This pendant is a Bluetooth receiver


image_45632_largeimagefile This pendant is a Bluetooth receiverWavesystec doesn’t just want you to be connected, they want you to look good doing it. That must be the motivation behind the design of their new Bluetooth stereo pendant BT-1000. Some people seem to feel cool with something hanging from their neck. This unit, available in blue, black, orange or white, will help those people out.

It’s a simple device. You hang it from your neck and it connects you to Bluetooth enabled devices by the earphones which are integrated into the neck strap. The earbuds look curiously like a doctors’ stethoscope, which is kind of fun.

The unit has integrated controls for your Bluetooth music device. There is also an available attachment for your laptop or PC if it does not sport Bluetooth, it will even allow you to use Skype or MSN to chat the night away without being tied to your machine. The batteries last for 10 hours of telephone calling, 6 hours of MP3 use or 200 hours on standby. It’s available in Korea and costs about $50.

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