Siemens flexi-screen means moving pictures everywhere

Siemens flexi-screen means moving pictures everywhere


image_45660_largeimagefile Siemens flexi-screen means moving pictures everywhereSome things are just way too cool. This is one of them. Siemens has announced a new color display screen. Big deal, you say? Well, this semi-conducting plastic screen can be printed directly onto paper, cardboard or plastic. It is thin, flexible and above all, cheap. Look for it popping up in books, magazines, labels and even cereal boxes. It could be printed onto prescription bottles to explain dosages. Basically, it can go almost anywhere.

The screens would be powered by printable batteries which already exist and would also have the required software printed right into them. The screens use “electrochromic substances” which change color when hit by an electrical charge. When fully developed they will react quickly enough to display realistic moving pictures.

The screens would have a working lifespan of only a couple of months, so they will be ideal for time-limited applications like packaging, directions or magazines. You thought the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition was good reading already.

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