Not the cheapest phone on the market


image_45655_largeimagefile Not the cheapest phone on the marketIn the market for mad bling? Peter Aloisson, an Austrian master craftsmen, can hook you up. He takes existing cellphones and decorates them with gold, diamonds and jewels so that anyone can clearly see that you are loaded. He makes about three a year and they retail for $30,000 each. If that seems ridiculously expensive and indulgent for a phone, then check this out.

A German manufacturer has commissioned him to make the ultimate phone, which will be used for marketing purposes. It will sport solid gold parts and will be covered by 2,590 natural blue, incredibly rare diamonds. All that for a paltry price tag of $1 million or so. Though it will be used for marketing initially, it will eventually be sold off, so you will only have to be patient if you want to own the phone yourself.

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