Netgear gets faster and farther with Airgo Gen3 MIMO chipset


image_45628_largeimagefile Netgear gets faster and farther with Airgo Gen3 MIMO chipsetNetgear has announced the release of the new Airgo Gen3 MIMO (Multi-In, Multi-Out) chipset, the latest addition to their RangeMax wireless line. When using RangeMax 240 products on both ends, it is theoretically possible to get up to 240Mbps, though to be able to achieve that kind of speed, some serious fiber-optic technology is going to be needed. Of course, the unit is also compatible with standard 802.11b/g products, but Netgear is saying that this new device gives them up to a 50% boost in range and speed.

Your internet speed probably won’t benefit from the Airgo Gen3 MIMO chipset, but it is definitely a promising solution for streaming media off of your computer without affecting other activities, like Voice-Over-IP (VOIP). Netgear claims you can stream HDTV using this thing. Reportedly hitting shelves in time for Christmas, the router and notebook card are $199 and $129 respectively. The USB 2.0 adapter should hit the market sometime next year.

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