Super slim LG KV5900 slider phone with MP3 capability


image_45754_largeimagefile Super slim LG KV5900 slider phone with MP3 capabilityImages of the new LG KV5900 cellular phone have leaked out on the internet. The sleekly-styled slider phone is incredibly slim at only 14mm thick. Not very much information is available about the unit at this time, but it is rumoured to have 512 MB of built-in memory and a wired remote. It should also have USB connectivity, as well as the ability to play your favourite MP3, WMA and OGG files using one of the eight different equalizer types (Rock, Pop, etc.). An additional feature, called “BGM (Multi-Tasking),” has as-of-yet unknown functionality but may allow you to pause music to answer a call, or play hold music, wouldn’t that be cool. Look for more details to surface in the coming weeks.

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