SpeedInfo brings traffic data to the hands of San Francisco motorists

image_45758_largeimagefile SpeedInfo brings traffic data to the hands of San Francisco motoristsSpeedInfo, a leading innovator of real time traffic data networks, announced that is has signed a license agreement to bring its San Francisco Bay Area traffic speed data to TrafficGauge Inc. Powered by data from SpeedInfo, the TrafficGauge Mobile Traffic Map is being introduced today to Bay Area drivers.

SpeedInfo is uniquely positioned to be the content provider for a variety of real-time traffic applications with the lowest cost and most advanced comprehensive real time traffic sensor network in existence. Under this new agreement, the handheld TrafficGauge Mobile Traffic Map product will be the first real-time traffic map to provide comprehensive traffic for the San Francisco Bay Area, including updates every four minutes during peak drive times.

“We know from experience that TrafficGauge users in Los Angeles and Seattle count on us to help them outsmart traffic, and so are very demanding when it comes to the accuracy and completeness of the real-time traffic maps we provide,” said Eric Meyer, CEO of TrafficGauge. “In SpeedInfo, we found a partner with data that is comprehensive, reliable, and not available from any other source — providing a critical addition to Caltrans sensors. As a result, we will deliver real-time traffic, anytime and anywhere, that is not only accurate but covers an unprecedented 900 freeway miles throughout the Bay Area.”

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