Law proposed on banning open WiFi hotspots


image_45741_largeimagefile Law proposed on banning open WiFi hotspotsEveryone knows that wireless networks inherently have security issues, and as a result, most people take some security precautions to ensure their computer doesn’t get hacked into and their personal information is made available for malicious purposes. Andy Spano and some other Executives over in Westchester County, New York, are proposing a law that basically outlaws open, unsecured wireless networks made available by commercial businesses.

In other words, should this law become enacted, your local coffee shop won’t be able to offer you access to their WiFi hotspot unless they adhere to certain encryption and security standards. Of course, proper security measures are a good idea, but industry pundits laugh at the proposal of an actual law as this appears to be more of a PR move than an actual solution. If it does take place, a daily password to secure a network would be the most distress it would cause, a small and insignificant obstacle just to ensure a secure wireless network.

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