Festoon Enables Video on Google Talk

Festoon Enables Video on Google Talk


Google Talk just got better. Santa Cruz Networks has announced the release of a Festoon update which will allow Google Talk users to see who they are talking to.

Festoon is already the most popular video plug-in for Skype with over 2.75 million downloads and 40 million user minutes. With this plug-in Google Talk users will be able to see each other, share applications and do whatever you want to do with a video connection. It supports one-on-one conversation or up to 200 users at once.

“We are redefining the video experience for the digital lifestyle with unparalleled group communications and personalization,” said Santa Cruz Networks CEO Itzik Cohen. “Festoon’s overwhelming success has proven we’re right on target, as the user base grows daily on a viral basis with no marketing. Like cell phone ringtones, Festoon’s ‘EyeCandy’ enables users to uniquely express themselves with immersive video effects as they talk.”

The download is available at www.festooninc.com and won’t cost you a thing. A headset microphone and webcam are recommended, but apparently aren’t required.

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