Belkin announces TuneBase FM and Tune FM for iPod and iPod nanos

Belkin Corporation has announced its plans to unveil their new TuneBase FM and Tune FM units at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The new FM-transmitter docking stations for Appleā€™s fifth-generation iPods and iPod nanos are expected to be available from retailers as well in January.

The Tune FM and TuneBase FM are essentially the same, except the TuneBase FM is designed specifically for in-car use, with an adjustable steel neck and a cigarette lighter plug. Unlike other FM transmitters, these units make use of the existing LCD displays on the iPod and iPod nano to show what FM frequency it is tuned to.

Both the TuneBase FM and Tune FM will feature charging capabilities and four button presets. The suggested retail price for the Tune FM will be $49.99 USD, whereas the TuneBase FM should retail at $79.99 USD.

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