Your fingers do the unlocking on the Kangaru BioStor HD


image_45818_largeimagefile Your fingers do the unlocking on the Kangaru BioStor HDIf you’re paranoid about security, wish you were James Bond, or simply run a business that requires the security of data, then Kangaru Solutions has just the thing for you. The BioStor external hard drive will only let you access the data stored on it after it scans your fingerprint and confirms that it is an exact match. That’s biometric security, Mr. Bond.

The USB 2.0 HD comes in sizes from 40GB to 100GB. It reportedly has an encryption speed of 1.6 Gigabits per second. As soon as the drive is removed from your USB port it automatically locks to protect the data and remains locked until you have your pads scanned. A great solution for medical practitioners, or other industries where confidential information must be protected.

This unit will withstand up to 200G of shock, which seems practical and important to protect vital data. It will store up to 5 fingerprints. Prices range from $229.95 for 40GB to $349.95 for 100GB.

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