Sirius Satellite Radio reveals Sirius Canada broadcasting with not alot of Canada in it

Sirius Satellite Radio today revealed its offerings as it gets ready to launch Sirius Canada broadcasting next month.

The line up will consist of 100 channels which will include 60 channels of commercial-free rock, pop and classical music and 40 channels of news, sports and entertainment. The new programming will include 10 Canadian music and information stations such as CBC Radio One and RCI Plus broadcast in both English and French and 30 games of play-by-play NHL coverage per week.

It’s quite disappointing to see the CRTC is only requiring Sirius to provide 10% of Canadian content; the service will barely support any Canadian artists whatsoever.

Sirius Canada’s satellite radio service will be available at Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, The Source by Circuit City, Canadian Tire and many other leading retailers throughout Canada. So if you want your fill of US broadcasting, and starve more Canadian artists, you can sign up for just under $15 a month.

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