The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 – A GPS by another name

The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 – A GPS by another name


image_45956_largeimagefile The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 - A GPS by another nameThe AVIC-Z1 is the most advanced in-car navigation device that Pioneer has ever made. It’s got a 30GB hard drive to store everything you could ever need to know to get where you are going, include which lane to be in and where the nearest Olive Garden is. It has all the bells and whistles – smart routing, enhanced text-to-speech voice guidance, sophisticated voice recognition, traffic information, a touch screen and Bluetooth capability.

Besides the navigation tricks (which Pioneer oddly never calls GPS in the press release), this is a complete entertainment system, too. It has DVD, CD, AM/FM and satellite radio for you to get down to. It also synchronizes with your cellphone or iPod. 10GB of the hard drive is set aside to store your music. The system even rips your CDs at the same time that you are listening to them.

You can buy the AVIC-Z1, as long as you don’t call it a GPS, in the spring of 2006. The price has not been revealed yet.

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