Sony Special Edition NW-A608/SI 2GB MP3 player only available in Japan

If you’re heading to Japan any time soon you can pick up one of the Sony Special Edition mp3 players. If you aren’t going to be there then you are out of luck. The NW-A608/SI 2GB MP3 player will only be available in Japan, as other special edition models have only been before it.

This flash model is sliver colored, has a special engraving on it and is even decked out with some snowflakes to add to the special in this edition of MP3 players. You have your choice of boxes and of protective skins (clear or black).

The 2GB of storage is twice what the equivalent, not-so-special North American edition has. Fortunately, the $450 price tag is almost three times what the snowflake-less edition is going for (US $160). In fact, I’m not so sure that the Special Edition is really that special.

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