Samsung M70 19-inch Notebook with Detachable Display


image_45946_largeimagefile Samsung M70 19-inch Notebook with Detachable DisplayThe first ever 19-inch notebook computer with detachable monitor was unveiled today by Samsung’s Korean division. The Samsung M70 is a slim notebook which uses the M-Cradle, something Samsung designed to dock the massive 19-inch display and separate the keyboard portion for easy use. Call it a true mobile desktop if you will, Samsung is on the right track, but the keyboard must be wireless, no one will want this thing if they have to connect the monitor to the base to control it.

Support for WSXGA+ (1680×1050) and 72% color strings make it comparible to any HDTV on the market. The M70 is also embedded with a global TV tuner port, A/V port and 2 high power speakers for solid audio playback. Movies on Cable TV or DVD can be watched without booting the system because of its AVS Now function.

It comes with an Intel Centrino 770 processor (2.13GHz) / 1GB of DDR, 100GB hard drive and 802.11g wi-fi.

Even with a 9-cell battery, the full M70 weighs just in at 4.4kg, not a bad weight considering how huge it all looks, so it makes easy to carry with still enough battery juice. The Samsung M70 will cost around US $5500.00.

image_45946_superimage Samsung M70 19-inch Notebook with Detachable Display

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