Samsung Electronics demonstrates the world’s first 8 megapixel camera phone


image_45860_largeimagefile Samsung Electronics demonstrates the world's first 8 megapixel camera phoneToday Samsung Electronics unveiled the world’s first 8.0 megapixel camera phone, the WCDMA SPH-V8200. Ki-Tae Lee, President of Samsung’s Telecommunications Network was the first to demonstrate the Samsung SPH-8200 model on Thursday.

Understandably very enthusiastic about the SPH-V8200, President Lee said, “Increasing the number of pixels while realizing digital camera-quality is a main task of developing handset camera module.” Samsung recently revealed a 7.0 megapixel digital camera, which shows their dedication to leading the camera phone market. “The new phone offers image quality of premium digital camera and will be available in domestic market with in November.” he added.

At 8-megapixels, you can rest assured that the Samsung SPH-V8200 camera phone will be one of the high quality camera phones on the market. So what do we know about this megapixel masterpiece? Not much, but we do know it looks nothing like it’s 7.0 megapixel brother, the SCH-V770, and very much like the SGH-i300 3GB multimedia smartphone being held up by Ki-Tae Lee at the press conference earlier today.

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