Quake goes mobile

Quake goes mobile


image_45903_largeimagefile Quake goes mobileOnce upon a time, a game called Quake changed the way we played video games. The first to apply 16-user network play, the all-important mouse look, rich graphics and sound – Quake had it all. History has repeated itself. Only this time around, it’s called Quake Mobile and it is revolutionizing the way we play with our mobile phones.

Quake Mobile is currently available on the Samsung Nexus and LG VX360, thanks to the 3D acceleration feature on both handsets. And acceleration is something Quake Mobile can brag about. With speeds of up to and sometimes over 25 FPS (that’s frames per second), this FPS (that’s first-person shooter) does not slow down.

Quake Mobile’s controls are unique. Five buttons on the right side of the screen are stylus/touch screen activated and control basic actions like jump, crouch, and shoot. Movement is controlled with the Nexus rubber analog stick and does a good job.

The verdict? Quake Mobile is the handheld version of its older brother – complete with the blood sweat and tears you remember. It sounds like the original. It plays like the original. And it is now the benchmark for mobile games.

Unfortunately the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack not included nor is support for multiplayer action.

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