I-O Data Totebag USB Lock

I-O Data Totebag USB Lock


image_45899_largeimagefile I-O Data Totebag USB LockIs it a USB flash drive? Or is it a lock? The I-O Data Totebag is both. Serving as a standard storage device for 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB of your personal data, this little beauty doubles as a PC lock to keep prying eyes out.

Here’s how it works – plug the Totebag into a standard USB port to transfer data to and from your PC. Remove the key and in the process lock up your PC so no one else can use it. You install the software, the Totebag does the rest.

Pricing is $30 USD for the 256MB model, $50 USD for the 512MB model and the 1GB model will run you about $95 USD.

Available right now for PC only.

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