Analyst forecasts sales of 37 million iPods in 2005


image_45957_largeimagefile Analyst forecasts sales of 37 million iPods in 2005If you have bought an iPod this year you are not alone. In fact, by the end of the year there will be 37 million people like you. That is the estimated number of units Apple will have shipped by the end of the quarter, according to Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray.

The Senior Analyst speculates that this level of sales will show a strong and growing halo effect leading to increased sales of other Apple products.

Munster uses the Top 10 Sellers list to track and predict sales. He notes that there are two iPods in the top ten for all electronics and four in the top 20.

Given that Apple has sold 18 million units in the first three quarters of the year, Munster is obviously, and ambitiously, expecting a huge Christmas season for the products.

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