Zoo Keeper DX finds its way onto your cell phone

Zoo Keeper DX finds its way onto your cell phone


image_45994_largeimagefile Zoo Keeper DX finds its way onto your cell phoneIt all started with Snake on the old Nokias. Nowadays, most of us can’t live without our cell phone games. The trend continues with the porting of the puzzle game Zoo Keeper DX. Instead of paying $40 for the Nintendo DS version, gamers can now download the exact same game for a mere $5 and play it on any number of mobile phones…and nothing is lost in the translation.

Like most cell phone games, Zoo Keeper DX lacks the complexities of a Metal Gear Solid, as it should. Instead, it serves as an excellent distraction to keep ourselves occupied while riding on the bus, waiting for an appointment or what have you. Those familiar with Bejeweled will find themselves in very familiar territory, except the multi-coloured games are replaced with cutesy-wootsy animal heads blinking and smiling. Put simply, switch pairs of faces to make lines of three, they disappear, and more animal heads fill the screen.

The game is incredibly cute, almost nauseating, yet it’s so incredibly addicting, you won’t want to put it down. The hippos, monkeys, alligators, and giraffes fill the screen as you frantically fight the clock.

Zoo Keeper DX may not be the next Tetris, but it’s still good fun. And for five bucks, it can’t hurt to give it a try.

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