Sony Giga Panel makes having digital music in the car easier

Feel the need for digital music in your car? Having a heck of a time hooking up your iPod to do the trick? Well then, check out the Sony Xplod MEX-1GP CD receiver. Not only does the name roll off the tongue, but this unit does a neat trick. You can remove the faceplate, hook it up to your PC with a USB cable and download your music right onto it because your computer will recognize it as an external drive. The Giga Panel Drive-S has 1GB of storage, so you will have more than enough tunes to head to the store and back, even if you hit traffic.

Of course, this CD player also plays CDs, as well as CD-R/RW discs with regular or compressed files burned onto them. Shockingly, it very happily plays any content purchased online from the Sony CONNECT site to. It has a built-in 208-watt power amplifier and a three-band equalizer, so hearing it shouldn’t be a problem.

The LCD screen promises to make it easy to manage your playlist and it will display all the vital info for the downloaded music it’s playing. It even has a wireless remote like so many car stereos do now, because sometimes the dashboard is just too far away.

This unit is expected to ship in February and will cost you about US $350.

image_45998_superimage Sony Giga Panel makes having digital music in the car easier
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