All I Wan’t For Christmas is an Engraved Black Motorola RAZR


image_46144_largeimagefile All I Wan't For Christmas is an Engraved Black Motorola RAZRThe Korean division of Motorola has announced an engraving lottery where they will engrave 1000 customers names or any text they choose “All your base are belong to us” on the back of a slim black Motorola RAZR phone. The contest closes on October 31st, and is available to anyone who can read Korean.

Engraving is usually done on a ring or bracelet, but this is a new attempt to engrave on the cell phone would be a perfect gift for the gear head you love on Christmas. The engraving will be made on the battery case located on the back of the cell phone. Consumers can also choose text format and size. The engraving will make a special cell phone for that special someone.

The engraving event is put on by Motorola to award consumers for making the RAZR the number one phone on the market.

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