DataMore M3 External Enclosure with A.I. Heat Control

What looks to be identical to Appleā€™s Mac mini, is the Korean Savitmicro M3, an external harddrive enclosure with artificial intelligence cooling.

The enclosure uses an A.I. cooling system, it is embedded with a huge sink at the bottom of the case, this cools down the hard disk and automatically triggers a fan depending on the inside temperature. The user can also control the noise level by controlling the fan speed and temperature activation via the sensor.

It is equipped with three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 2.0 uplink, making it ready for all your USB 2.0 devices. An Auto On/Off function also turns the disk off when your computer shuts down, conserving energy and the life of your drive. The DataMore M3 will sell for US $60.00.

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