Freescale Combines Bluetooth and UWB Technologies


Freescale Semiconductor has demonstrated its high data rate Ultra-Wideband Chip (UWB) which promises to bring together the combined features of two of the most advanced wireless technologies – Bluetooth and UWB. The chip has the operational support of Bluetooth software and is being demonstrated at WiCon Americas.

Freescale claims that its direct sequence-UWB (DS-UWB) will facilitate high-speed streaming of video applications as well as large data file transfers with a speed of up to 110 Mbps. The company is hopeful of this solution, nearly 250 million consumers use worldwide use Bluetooth wireless technology today in a host of mobile applications. Martin Rofheart, a Director with Freescale commented. “This demonstration is the first step toward combining the strengths of Bluetooth and UWB and provides a proven design reference for our early adopter customers. We are on track with our technology development milestones for Bluetooth and UWB and remain committed to providing an integrated silicon solution.”

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