Well-Being LCD Offers Negative-Ionization


image_46690_largeimagefile Well-Being LCD Offers Negative-IonizationPC Bank of Korea has released the well-being monitor, model PBM-978PS. This monitor is very fast and will appeal to gamers and movie fanatics by offering a fast 5ms refresh rate, a wide viewing angle of 178 degree in high/low and left/right with a 1200:1 contrast and 250 nit(㏅/㎡). The “well-being” aspect of the monitor supplies the environment you are in with negative ions, killing bacteria and protecting your eyes from the monitor.

In the rear is a large handle for easy portability, they shape the stand as circle which is the handle.
The monitor was tested with first person shooter games and the result is that they play better due to absolutely no afterimage in the monitor.

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