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Sony Ericsson launches Bluetooth Auto pairing

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications announced the introduction of Auto pairing, a unique proprietary solution that makes it quicker and easier to connect Bluetooth equipped headsets to Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The first Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset with Auto pairing device connectivity is the HBH-610a, it will be available around Christmas.

When the phone and headset are in close proximity and the Bluetooth function is turned on, the Auto pairing-equipped Bluetooth headset automatically searches and finds the user’s Bluetooth enabled Sony Ericsson mobile phone. The user only has to confirm the connection for the device pairing to be initiated and doesn’t have to use a PIN code to authorize the connection.

The company demonstrated this new functionality at a press event arranged by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group in Stockholm this week. The new feature has been developed through close cooperation within Sony Ericsson between the design and development of mobile phones and headsets in order to create a more integrated and seamless user experience that eliminates the necessity of physical PIN input. Auto pairing will be implemented first in an updated version of the Bluetooth Headset HBH-610, called HBH-610a.

Auto pairing will only be available in Sony Ericsson mobile phones and headsets. However, Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets will continue to be compatible with Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones from other phone brands by following the regular procedure for device pairing when Auto pairing is not available.



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