KTF-T1000 Multimedia Mobile Phone with Subliminal Effects


image_46851_largeimagefile KTF-T1000 Multimedia Mobile Phone with Subliminal EffectsKTF is planning to capture consumers tastes with their multimedia mini mobile phone, the KTF-T1000. This is the smallest player with the most features yet, it is powerful enough for multi-tasking and offers users an MP3 player, camera, text reader, dictionary and T-Flash memory. A remote control earphone allows users to control the MP3 player and camera without having to touch the handset.

The KTF-T1000 has a “subliminal” effects setting, three different sound sequences are designed to change your mood, it will appeal to your subconscious mind with music and images in a slideshow. KTF says it will help reduce stress, improve concentration and your diet, this phone sounds like the answer to most business professionals problems. And at around US $300, it would be well worth it.

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