Memorex Mega TravelDrive – 4GB Portable USB HDD


image_47185_largeimagefile Memorex Mega TravelDrive - 4GB Portable USB HDDMemorex has added a new portable USB hard drive to their TravelDrive line, this time it comes in a 4GB flavor. The ‘Mega TravelDrive’ measures in at 1.75″ x 1.96″ x .56″ which is small enough to fit in your pocket.

The device probably uses a 4GB Toshiba Microdrive for its storage and from personal experience, this drive is quite reliable. The small form factor 4GB pocket USB drive has been seen in many different designs from companies like Archos and Hyundai.

The unit will come bundled with a few goodies; black carrying case and a USB cable. Expect to see the Mega TravelDrive to hit streets in October for US $150.

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