Samsung Creates 16-gigabit NAND Chips

image_47318_largeimagefile Samsung Creates 16-gigabit NAND ChipsSamsung Electronics today unveiled a new NAND flash memory chip that will ultimately double storage capacity of what we have today.

The 16-gigabit NAND chips will be combined on a compact flash memory card, providing up to 32-gigabytes of storage; Equivalent to 200 years worth of daily newspaper archives, 8,000 MP3 music files or 20 DVD movies. Yet we are still chopping trees down like there’s no tommorow.

The global flash memory market is expected to be worth $10.14 billion this year, up from $7.01 billion last year, according to Dataquest.

image_47318_superimage Samsung Creates 16-gigabit NAND Chips
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