Fastest case in the business; The Asus Vento 3600 Formula One Series

Tired of a typical square PC case? Here is a new design, the ASUS Vento 3600 series. Although a standard ATX case at heart, a.unique design and artistic body make it much more sexy then that brown dust box.

When you push the bottom part of the case, the cover opens automatically like the door to a mother ship. For convenient use, Audio and mike ports and 4 USB ports are placed in front so you can connect your gear easily.

The rotation handle is placed on the side for easy access when doing hardware swaps. For system cooling, an 80mm pan and 120mm pan is equipped both the front and back.

Since it’s being called the “Vento”, it must have good cooling, with a large air intake on the side right where the CPU sits. Also at the back is a cable control kit to help clean up the cable mess, which is also notorious for heat problems. The estimated street price is US $209.00.

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