Hasselblad H2 and H2D Medium Format 22 Megapixel Professional Cameras


image_47752_largeimagefile Hasselblad H2 and H2D Medium Format 22 Megapixel Professional CamerasHasselblad, makers of high-end medium format cameras, has released info on their new medium format digital cameras. The new H2 and H2D models are an upgrade from the H1’s and are fully compatible with the H lens system.

The camera will have a high quality 22 megapixel CCD that measures in at a sweet 37mm x 49mm. Also, it will feature an ultra bright large H-size viewfinder for composition. The new H2 system offers 3 different types of storage solutions; compact flash, external firewire drive, or connection to a computer (teathered).

A new image approval system called the Instant Approval Architecture (IAA) provides audio and visual clues for the image’s exposure. Additionally you can check out the big OLED display on the back for instant on-site approval, which is most far more accurate in reproducing colours then our standard LCDs.

The new products will be available in Q3 2005. No pricing yet, but I’d expect them to cost as much as a mid sized sedan.

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