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VeriSign commences seamless Wi-Fi cellular roaming tests

VeriSign has planned to get on to the bandwagon of Wi-Fi Cellular roaming and has begun trial tests in three major universities. The commencement of the trial was announced last week and under the pilot program, the company is trying to integrate on-campus Wi-Fi to any wide-area wireless carrier network for data and voice roaming between networks.

If the trial run for its VoIP and data services produces the desired results, then VeriSign will OEM the technology to wireless carriers, who in turn will not only have the option to sell it to university campuses, but also in corporate hubs. The key feature of the Wireless IP Connect Service is that it will be mainly used to connect mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Linking with a wireless carrier through any device with an IP connection comes as an add on.

Lynda Starr, a senior analyst for IP communications at Frost & Sullivan feels that for long, wireless carriers have been apprehensive that Wi-Fi might make a dent in their subscription base or even the volume of call times on their networks. But according to her, VeriSign’s efforts to provide seamless roaming between networks may once again rejuvenate the VoIP segment. A fully customized seamless Wi-Fi roaming service is also likely to pave the way for a consolidated customer invoicing to one bill, from one carrier, for cellular and VoIP calls.



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