Mobility Electronics Launches New Auto/Air40 Power Adapter for Portable DVD Players

Mobility Electronics, manufacturers of the popular iGo brand of universal adapters, brings to market the iGo Auto/Air40 power adapter for portable DVD players. The new adapter is actually the first universal DC power adapter targeted at the rapidly increasing portable DVD player segment. Just how ‘big’ is this market expected to grow? “According to industry analysts, the portable DVD market is expected to increase 40% to more than 11 million units in 2005,” says Mobility Electronics CEO Charles Mollo.

The Auto/Air40 power adapter makes use of iGo’s itip Technology which enables the adapter to power and recharge not only portable DVD players but also a multitude of low-power ME devices (e.g., mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs, portable gaming devices, etc.). You can buy extra tips from Mobility Electronics’ website but as it is, the Auto/Air40 comes with six interchangeable tips that function with most of today’s most popular portable DVD players from top makers including Panasonic, Initial, Mintek, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Polaroid, Audiovox, Go Video and Apex.

The new adapter also features an automatic power regulator so there’s no need for you to manually select the right amount of voltage that your mobile device may need.

iGo’s iTip is expected to hit retail stores in September and will be priced at US $39.99.

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