Belkin Wireless G Travel Router Shares Hotels Internet over Wireless


image_48509_largeimagefile Belkin Wireless G Travel Router Shares Hotels Internet over WirelessThe Wireless G Travel Router is a pocket-sized gizmo (just about the size of your palm) that allows you to wirelessly share your hotel’s wired or wireless broadband internet connection. This is an excellent tool to save money when you need an connection in a conference or somewhere else in the hotel, some of them charge up wards to $350 per day for an interent “drop”, this is robbery considering you really have no other means of getting Internet. I don’t think hotels will like this product much, but now you can rob it back with the Belkin Wireless G.

It features 802.11g technology, network security, and multifunctional qualities. It also offers a wide working range of up to 300 feet. It can also function in mixed networking environments and is backward-compatible with 802.11b.

Another useful feature is that the Travel G Router can actually be used as a wireless adapter (adding wireless capabilities to your PC or laptop so you can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots) or an access point (widening the coverage area of an existing network).

The Belkin Wireless G Travel Router is expected to hit retail stores in August 2005 for $59.99 ESP.

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