ESPN and MobiTV Provide Sports Video Content to Mobile Phone Users


Sports enthusiasts… don’t be the last to know the latest happenings in the world of sports. With MobiTV on your mobile phone you get the latest ESPN sports news wherever you are.

MobiTV is the first international television network and technology platform that offers live TV feeds on mobile phones. ESPN (as if you didn’t know) is the world leader when it comes to sports. Together, these two firms bring what’s hot in the sports industry to your handset. So what do you get? How does regularly updated ESPN content sound? You can download anything from breaking sports news, fantasy sports updates, college sports, X Games highlights, they’ve got it all.

Setting up MobiTV is easy. Simply go to their website and check if you have a MobiTV-compatible mobile phone. Can’t find your mobile phone model on the list? Inform MobiTV about it (they have an online form for this) and then wait till MobiTV informs you when your cell phone model is supported. If you do have a MobiTV-compatible phone, ensure that you have subscribed to a data service plan from your wireless carrier and then start downloading ESPN video content.

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