Siemens SK65 Limited Edition Burlwood Mobile Phone, even with teeth marks


image_48768_largeimagefile Siemens SK65 Limited Edition Burlwood Mobile Phone, even with teeth marksRare wood encased mobile phones seem to be the trend for those top-notch executives who have it all.

Siemens is showing off their limited edition Burlwood SK65 mobile phone, the handset is overlaid with wood from the thuyla tree. If that doesn’t sound fancy enough for ya, thuyla trees are most commonly found in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco so it’s not your everyday chunk of cedar; although they are related to the cedar family.

Each piece has different grain patterns, drought, fire and even animal teeth marks to give the wood a unique character. Siemens informed us that the ethereal oils in thuya wood also lend a pleasant, natural fragrance to the SK65 Burlwood, so it even smells nice. I can just imagine a poor wood gatherer in Morroco fighting with a Barbary Sheep for a chunk of thuyla wood, at least it will have original bite marks which could score you a few bucks on eBay.

Maybe this will be enough of an incentive for someone to get these SK65 phones over here to us in North America. The Blackberry capabilities and revolving x2 type full-sized keyboard make the SK65 one fine looking SMS machine.

This will be available at the end of July online from and other unknown select specialty shops.

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