Digital Music is the Most Important Mobile Phone Service for 2005


image_48844_largeimagefile Digital Music is the Most Important Mobile Phone Service for 2005Mobile phone makers agree that digital music is the next ‘big thing’ that mobile makers need to cater to. Music in cell phones all began in 1998 when Finnish mobile phone operator Radiolinja started offering ringtone services for top cell phone maker Nokia.

However, improvements in mobile technology have made these ringtones practically obsolete as consumers clamor for the real deal. And now, mobile phone makers are getting set to cater to the demand.

Recent developments include making mobile phones that provide better sound quality and the capability to easily download music. Further, cell phone makers are teaming up with Internet music providers and operators to give consumers a wider range of music options.

For instance, Ericsson just teamed up with Napster to offer new digital music services for operators. And of course, everybody is waiting for that Motorola mobile phone that enables users to download music from Apple’s iTunes Music Stores. Nokia fans, don’t fret; Nokia is not far behind and is expected to soon launch its N91 mobile phone that is capable of storing 3,000 songs.

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