TiVoToGo goes portable on your Windows Mobile based gadget


TiVoToGo portable video service has now extended itself onto mobile devices running Microsoft Software. You should now be able to watch content on Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers and certain Smartphones and PocketPCs that run Windows Mobile.

TiVoToGo allows you to transfer recorded content off of your TiVo device and onto your laptop/desktop computer and now your Windows Mobile based PVP. The service is currently free to TiVo users.

Microsoft is hoping that the new TiVoToGo push helps sluggish sales of the portable video players. I tend to think that consumers don’t want to spend the $400+ that you could easily pay for a PVP. Some of the compatible PVP’s running Windows Mobile Media Center include the Creative Zen, iRiver PMC-120, and the Samsung YEPP YH-999.

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