Mobile MicroTuner to enable TV on mobile devices in the US and Europe

A silicon TV tuner chip has been released for use in the US and European markets today, the MT2260 DVB-H tuner from Microtune will deliver digital video broadcasts to mobile phones, PDAs and other multimedia devices.

The MT2260 measures 6 square millemeters and is designed for ultra low-power requirements, about 20 milliWatts total when in use. The dual-band characteristics allow it to function both in US and European markets, it will receive TV service in the US on the L-Band (1670-1675 MHz) spectrum and in Europe on the UHF frequency range (470-890 MHz).

Since the MT2260 uses the Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld (DVB-H) standard, it can receive full-motion digital pictures and CD-quality audio when tuning into radio and video channels on future mobile handheld devices.

Major handset manufacturers are currently sampling the chip, it is costing them about $5.00 per device and should be in your hands later this year.

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