HP sells Apple iPod Mini


image_49283_largeimagefile HP sells Apple iPod MiniHP picked up the Apple iPod Mini and has added it to their line of portable audio devices. Now we have the Apple iPod Mini + HP, which brings us no closer then we were before to any type of advance in portable audio technology. HP is sending a great message to all the little boys in girls out there, we have no hope in competing with Apple and designing our own device that can compete, so here is the +HP model.

They will offer the 4GB and 6GB versions, of course you will get to use the HP Printable Tattoos which is a huge bonus but maybe not since those are currently out of stock. The prices remain the same at $199 and $249 respectively, so if you buy from HP there is no difference than if you were to buy from Apple, except you are limited to the silver model.

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