iPod Shuffle 2GB and 4GB versions this summer


Samsung today announced that they have begun mass production of their high density 4 Gb NAND flash memory chips. This means larger sized flash memory devices that can read and write at faster speeds. 8 Gb NAND flash memory is also going be released this summer from both Samsung and Toshiba, but Samsung still leads in process technology.

Coincidentally, Apple is releasing a 2GB iPod Shuffle this June, and a 4GB version by August according to Xinhua. A big upgrade from the maxed out 512MB and 1GB models currently available.

The new NAND flash memory will be produced using an advanced 70-nanometer process technology. The results for the 70nm 4Gb NAND flash will be writes of data at 16-megabytes per second, a 50 percent enhancement over a 90nm 2Gb device, this will enable real-time data storage of high-definition (HD) video images.

Toshiba stated it will begin producing 8 Gb NAND flash memory this summer, their 4 Gb NAND flash memory was released earlier last year.

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