Wireless Linux Pepper Pad finally on sale

Wireless Linux Pepper Pad finally on sale


The Pepper Pad is now on sale from Amazon.com for $799.99. Pepper Computer Inc. is claiming that the Pepper is the first portable wireless device that gives consumers instant Internet and digital media access which can also control in-home devices like your TV and stereo over IR.

Meant to be a hassle-free device, the lightweight and rugged Pepper Pad ships with Monta Vista Linux 2.4 CEE3.1 operating system, and includes many applications from a Mozilla web browser, remote control commander, AOL instant messenger, media player for your videos, music and photos and of course e-mail access all over Wi-Fi.

You could say this is a beefed up version of the PalmOne Lifedrive, considering that the Pepper Pad has a 20GB 1.8-inch harddrive for you to store a heap of media, the LifeDrive is only 4GB. Sure it’s a few hundred bucks more and a few inches bigger than the PalmSource LifeDrive, but with an 8.4-inch display compared to a 3.5-inch, my money’s on the Pepper. If I’m going to carry something around to watch movies on, might as well carry something with a bigger screen.

It measures 12.1 inches by 6.6 inches by 0.8 inches 2.3 pounds, a bit heavy but an excellent size considering the 8.4-inch LCD touch screen, 20GB storage space and list of other functions you can perform. You can backup your photos from your digtal camera through SD/MMC expansion, play music or movies through the stereo speakers, type up emails with the thumbboard keyboard; this is a true portable multimedia tablet device. It will even sync your media files with your Macintosh or Windows computers.

Amazon is selling the Pepper Pad for $799, it will ship to the first uses on June 28th. Pepper will be sending us one soon for us to get more details and performance info to you.

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