Calypso C1250i first WiFi Mobile Phone with ASNAP

Calypso C1250i first WiFi Mobile Phone with ASNAP


Calypso Wireless today announced that their 2-year in the making Wi-Fi/GSM-GPRS mobile phone capable of video conferencing over Wi-Fi has shipped to OEMs today. The Calypso C1250i was first introduced to us in 2003, at that time the market was not ready for a phone of this caliber. Some of the technology had to still be improved upon and of course the proper people had to adopt it to make it happen.

While Wi-Fi hotspots increase in coverage, consumers will soon be looking for cheaper alternative methods to making calls, and WLAN access is a great alternative. The Nokia N91 expected out by the end of this year is a 3G WCDMA mobile phone also with Wi-Fi connectivity features, but ASNAP is the key factor in a dual-mode wireless handsets; without ASNAP switching connections may be a headache.

The ASNAP technology is patented and designed by Calypso, it provides a unique system for carriers to identify and authenticate mobile users. ASNAP will create revenue sharing opportunities for companies who offer services like two-way, real-time video conferencing. Mobile Carriers will also save money and network bandwidth by switching users seamlessly to Wi-Fi networks when near a shared hotspot.

Tony Drake, an outsourced consultant for Calypso wireless gave a good example to MobileMag of how the technology works. “If a wireless subscriber on T-Mobile walks into a Verizon network, T-Mobile will get a bill at the end of the month, if the T-Mobile subscriber uses Verizons network then at the end of the month they will calculate the usage difference to find out who owes who.”

Calypso C1250i has a battery that lasts about 4 hours for VoIP calls, it will also ship with headphones (Mini Stereo Jack), a cradle with USB ActiveSync Cable and AC adapter. Of course ASNAP technology can be licensed to other manufacturers for use in their phones, but the C1250i is the first.

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