Hitachi and Fujitsu Ship 100GB 2.5-inch 7200rpm Hard Drives


Hitachi and Fujitsu have announced that they are now shipping 2.5-inch 100GB drives. The drives, which will spin at a sweet 7200 rpm, will come in both IDE and Serial ATA versions. There hasn’t been any word on pricing but Engadget notes that you can get it in your Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 for an extra price of $270 instead of the 80GB drive that comes standard.

Hard drives are a major bottleneck in most systems; as the processors, ram, and video cards get faster the HDD’s still struggle to catch up. Most laptops come with a 5400 rpm drive and seem to chug along, take our advice; when you are buying a new laptop, upgrade to a 7200rpm drive and thank us later.

Toshiba announced late April that they were producing their version of the 100GB 2.5-inch drive.

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